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Videographer and/or Video Editor

Canvas Method

Vancouver, Hybrid


Job Summary

The student will work closely with Canvas Method atelier team to perform the following tasks:

Video Editing

- Creating and editing marketing videos that follow our in-house strategy

- Editing instructional videos (these will already have been filmed)

Video Animation

- Animating graphic elements that we use in supplementing drawing / painting instructional videos

- Animating existing brand assets (e.g. logo, graphic elements)


- Filming school ‘textures’ that can be integrated into marketing videos for the school

- Filming during a class of students and instructors in action

The Candidate: The successful student will be skilled in video editing and/or motion graphics design.

Note: This Vancouver-based position requires in-person meetings with the team at least 50-75% of the time and may work remotely part-time.

Required student type

Graphic Design, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Arts Studies

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