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Your career starts here

Arts Worx is committed to helping our students transform and contextualize their classroom experience through the modern workplace, thereby ensuring our graduates can deliver value to their community, their careers, and their learning-for-life journey.

Your career isn’t just a job. Your education path isn’t a straight line. Your future isn’t written by anyone else but you—and we're here to help.

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In my first two years of studying Graphic Design, I thought I knew what areas I was interested in. But when I was given the opportunity to produce my first photoshoot I realized that I didn’t exactly know what was out there and I found a new interest!

Prior to my practicum with Partners & Hawes, I had no idea what running a professional photoshoot was like and it never seemed to appeal to me. But, from creating a shot list, to choosing talent, to running the shoot day, and working with talented photographers, I rediscovered a love for photography!

Receiving the opportunity to experience real hands-on work has influenced my course choice and gives me more confidence moving forward in my degree.

Megan Mendoza
UFV Graphic + Digital Design Diploma

Photography from UFV Graphic Design student Megan Mendoza conducting a photoshoot.

Meet some of our amazing partners

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Develop yourself as a well-rounded graduate

Test-drive your career

A liberal arts education offers many advantages, but none greater than career mobility. Arts Worx offers a wide range of opportunities to students seeking new challenges.

Gain professional experience

Education isn’t just what we learn in a classroom—it’s also what we learn in the real world. Through Arts Worx, students get the chance to gain invaluable insight into the modern workplace.

Make new connections

We’re meant to build connections with the people around us. In the workplace, those connections are invaluable to your career journey—especially as a new graduate seeking that first job.

Work-Integrated Learning (WIL)

WIL and your future: Where what you know meets who you know.

Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) is an experiential learning opportunity for students seeking to apply their classroom experience and knowledge to a real-world setting. It can take many forms, including internships, hackathons, work-terms, practicum, cooperative education (co-op), fieldwork, service learning, entrepreneurship, student-led enterprise, applied projects, and more.



A tailor-made experience for you

Do you already have a practicum placement in mind? Connect with us to customize your opportunity!


Career Chat Series

Learn about the endless career opportunities within the Liberal Arts. Watch the full playlist and learn from Arts influencers about how varied the career journey can be.

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