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We are leading the next generation of change-makers

A reflection of the College of Arts’ mission to prepare our students to be engaged community leaders, the annual Student Leadership Symposium (SLS) offers nominated participants a chance to learn from esteemed guest speakers, and participate in workshops and networking events. It is a milestone event as students journey to becoming future-ready, empowered, and resilient global citizens.

We challenge assumptions

The status quo does not define who we are and what we do. Instead, we choose to challenge every assumption, looking for ways to create change.

We foster commitment

As Liberal Arts professionals, we commit ourselves and encourage others to commit to the causes that lead to the common good.

We provoke change

We create impact by driving attention to what matters and transforming ideas into action.


Advocating for Change

Non-profit leader, mental health advocate, best-selling author, university instructor and former professional breakdancer Michael Prosserman shares his passion for scaling high impact organizations, innovative fundraising and building wellbeing into team culture.  Speaking from lived experiences and bringing a practical and authentic approach to leadership, Michael kicked off our 2021 symposium with his keynote, “SPARK Change!”


In Michael’s view, the titular “spark” is the inspiration, the big “why.” It’s the thunderbolt moment that hits you, when the drive to wake up and do something arrives. But on its own, it’s not enough create real change. In any organization, ideas must be clarified, trust built with colleagues, growth managed—all while preparing for the next spark within yourself.


Mobilizing Hope

Author, activist and anti-racist consultant, Cicely Belle Blain shares their vision for a transformed future. Through a lens of hope, intersectionality and social justice, Cicely Belle brings both the visions and the tangible tools from years of fighting in both the streets and boardrooms for a better and more equitable world.

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