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 Practicums offer students real-world experiences during their degree program. It is the perfect opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and skills in a real-world setting, earn credits, work with employers on projects that align with their educational goals and grow their network.

How to apply

Step 1: Explore

Visit the WIL opportunities page and explore the practicums available.

Step 2: Apply

Submit your application online, and our External Liason Coordinator will contact you for further information on the application process.

Step 3: Start

After fulfilling the requirements, registering, and being selected, you're ready to start your practicum.

Arts practicum course options:

  • Arts 280 (45 credits completed prerequisite) (offered every other year)

  • Arts 380 (60 credits completed prerequisite) (offered each semester)

  • Arts 480 (after completion of Arts 380) (offered every other year)

In order to qualify for a practicum, you must be a registered BA, BIS, BFA, or BMA student and have a minimum 2.67 GPA. School of Business students may also qualify for ARTS 380 practicums.

Other practicum courses available at the College of Arts:
Couse Number
Course Name
CMNS 412
Communications Practicum
GDD 498
Directed Study in Graphic Digital Design I
GDD 499
Directed Study in Graphic Digital Design II
GDS 210
Local Development Practicum
GDS 310
Canada Internship
GDS 311
International Internship
HIST 401
Practicum in History
INCS 390
Canada-India Field Studies
IPK 402
Indigenous Studies Field Work Practicum
PACS 391
Conflict Analysis and Peacebuilding Field Work
SOC 396
Canada Internship
SOC 398
International Internship

To learn more about each course and its requirements, please check UFV's Academic Calendar.

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