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// Arts 380

Practicums & Internships

In this course, students develop strategies for a successful transition from university into work, graduate studies, or post-university life —including increased career mobility.

Students master professional practices and the skills needed to participate in the learning economy, succeed in the changing future of work, and manage their own career mobility throughout their lifespan to design their work/life career pathways.

A showcase of our talent

See examples of amazing work.

Avi Gill
Summer 2023
Emily Whittaker
Fall 2022
Harmanjot Kaur Saini
Winter 2023
Jemma Wright
Fall 2022
Jill (Jiying) Tao
Winter 2023
Josilyn Hughes
Fall 2022
Natasha Hayes
Fall 2022
Skye McKenzie
Winter 2023
Victoria Hachulla
Winter 2023
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