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Counseling Support Practicum

Chilliwack Youth Health Centre

Chilliwack, In-Person


Job Summary

This student will have the chance to work directly with the multidisciplinary team at CYHC. The practicum student will assist the team by providing front end greeting to new walk-in clients as well as provide experiential evaluation of counseling sessions to Counsellors.

One goal of this position is to make new clients feel comfortable and to create an open and inclusive space. During work with Counsellors, students will isolate the applied skills used and note which of these counseling tools were most effective. They will provide this information back to the Counsellors.

*the information shared during the therapy sessions will be kept confidential and will not need to be shared in the final report.


  • The practicum hours are from 1 PM to 7 PM once a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday).

  • The student must have excellent oral communication skills as well as an ability to problem solve and make others feel comfortable.

  • Confidentiality is required.

Required student type

Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Criminology

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