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Communications Program Developer

Chilliwack Youth Health Centre

Chilliwack, Hybrid


Job Summary

This practicum opportunity offers students the chance to develop professional communications content for a local not for profit. This includes social media management, content creation, professional writing and more. Under the direction of the CYHC director, students will be encouraged to use creative skills to create content that reflects the values of the CYHC. Posts will focus on positive mental health, inclusion and reconciliation. The student will draft blog posts and other communications to be submitted to media and stakeholders. These stories will focus on stories of client growth and resilience. The student will be involved in attending CYHC team meetings and offer feedback on the writing of policy. When able the student will search for available grant opportunities.

Candidate: This project is ideal for someone with strong social media and content creation skills, with an understanding of EDI and for someone who is interested in pursuing a creative career in a not-for-profit organization or public health setting.

Required student type

Communications, Graphic Design, English, Interdisciplinary

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