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Communications Assistant




Job Summary

Over the past 90 years, Connective (formerly John Howard Society) has focused on addressing and working to eliminate some of the greatest challenges faced by the individuals and communities we serve by using innovative person-centered programming, interdisciplinary research, and strategic collaboration services. This includes reintegration support, housing and homelessness prevention, employment, outreach, and Community Living.

This practicum opportunity offers students the chance to develop professional communications content for a not-for-profit organization. This includes social media management, content creation, professional writing and more.

Under the direction of the Communications and Engagement Director, students will be encouraged to use creative skills to create content that reflects the values of Connective. Posts will focus on housing, social and criminal justice, education, and recruitment. Responsibilities may include:

  • Conducting research for advocacy-based blog and social media posts

  • Creating communications plans for days of recognition related to Connective’s programs and services

  • Writing and designing content for digital platforms

  • Designing Communications courses for our Learning Management System

  • Assisting with promoting Connective publications

Candidate: This project is ideal for someone with strong social media and content creation skills and for someone who is curious about how a creative career works in a not-for-profit organization or public health setting.

Required student type

Graphic Design, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Interdisciplinary, Communications

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